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The “CHEVALET” is finished

After two months the build is done and tested now all that is left is to disassemble ease the edges then sand and apply a finish the finish will be BOL and back togather just in time to get some time to use it before going the school in SanDeago.
The control over the cut is unbelivable


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I began to open my mind to some of the possibilities

Three years ago I would never dreamed I would be interested in Marquetry also spelled (marqueterie). Back then I thought it was gaudy, loud and not at all attractive I still do not care for the 16th century Florence and Naples designs with Marquetry but I do highly admire the craftsmanship required to produce it. I think it is the furniture design itself that I do not care for because of the aftermarket knock offs that use painted on designs that try unsuccessfully to replicate it. After seeing a few simpler designs on some Arts & Crafts furniture using inlays I began to open my mind to some of the possibilities that could incorporate “Marquetry” into “Arts & Crafts” furniture. There is also a vast amount of information out on the internet this link will open another page to the “American Marquetry Society” and explains the basics in the form of a beginners guide and is a very good read if you are considering taking up this art form. My journey began when I found a few guys that were building their own “CHEVALET” and going to attend ASFM “American School of French Marquetry” in San Diego California that was almost two years ago. Both of them attended the school about a year ago but I was not able to attend, “life just gets in the way sometimes” but now that my journey has resumed I am almost finished with building my  CHEVALET and I am registered for the February class at ASFM along with my wife so it looks like we will get some practice using our newly build CHEVALET before attending classes, how lucky are we? Its really close to being finished I hope to have it finished in time for thanks giving.

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Words Mean Things

"With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it." - Aristotle