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Everyone Has an off Day

We all screw up from time to time and I am no exception today I was making what has been termed “Tumblers”. They are small parts so the use of the table saw was not an option for me so I had to make the parts from larger stock that I could cut off and clamp to drill the center after cutting a dado on each face of the stock. My mistake was to not split it in the center and then drill it so I ended up with the matting dadoes on the wrong side and if I turned them around the round holes were on the wrong side. I think its time for a few days off.


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Here is how far I have come on the “CHEVALET” build I should get back to it in a few days.

Its been a busy 4 or 5 days we picked up the new AC/Heating unit so this week will will be devoted to installing that. I have a set of shelves to build and before I can get back to the shop that has to be finished but here is how far I have come on the how far I have come on the “CHEVALET” build.

OK We are all signed up for ASFM “American School of French Marquetry” with Patrick Edwards at the helm it will be a great experience. The course is French marquetry pictures in wood: design considerations, making the veneer packets, cutting techniques using the “chevalet”, assembling the picture, gluing the finished marquetry panels, and finishing. The Boulle Technique stage involves cutting several layers of veneer or other materials simultaneously, using perpendicular cutting. This technique produces both a “positive” and a “negative” image of the design, each with a different background.inboard-adjuster-saw-arm-support-bottom

While I am waiting for the rods to come I thought I would play with the seat it slides forward and back. Its my version of a Sam Maloof inspired chevalet seat. The foot peddle and lever arm are done I just need the holes drilled for the leaver as well as the wheels then I will mount the lever in the mortise made in the bench we are getting close all that is left is the saw and tune up.

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