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Two New Projects on the Bench

I completed the last work on the router table a few weeks ago and started on the first of two projects that will be done at the same time because of the things needed to be done. Joint and Plane a lot of 8/4 stock.
The first project is a cabinet makers bench but a little different from most. I am using the “Veritas Wonder Pups” along with the “Veritas Bench Pups, Pair” in place of the end vice with dogs (sometimes called Wagon Vice). I will have a “Leg Vice and Sliding Dead Man” in addition to the Pups I will use the Veritas Surface Vise”  But for now I have started to build a “chevalet” which is what you see in this photo. By working on it for a while I’m hoping it will add value the school we will attend in Feb to learn more chevalet de marqueterie.


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