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Two New Projects on the Bench

I completed the last work on the router table a few weeks ago and started on the first of two projects that will be done at the same time because of the things needed to be done. Joint and Plane a lot of 8/4 stock.
The first project is a cabinet makers bench but a little different from most. I am using the “Veritas Wonder Pups” along with the “Veritas Bench Pups, Pair” in place of the end vice with dogs (sometimes called Wagon Vice). I will have a “Leg Vice and Sliding Dead Man” in addition to the Pups I will use the Veritas Surface Vise”  But for now I have started to build a “chevalet” which is what you see in this photo. By working on it for a while I’m hoping it will add value the school we will attend in Feb to learn more chevalet de marqueterie.


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Router Table Wrap up.

Here it is all done

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Veritas Dovetail Saw Guide

Veritas® Dovetail Saw Guides

This item is for those of us that can not cut a straight line but want to use dove tail joinery on our projects such as draws, boxes and case sides. The one I chose was the 14° Guide, solid brass and clamps to boards 1/4″ to 1″ wide.My saw is 2″ x 8-1/2″ with 22 tpi, dozuki tooth form. and preforms both crosscuts and rip cuts.The saw is held by rare earth magnets covered with low-friction UHMW plastic to keep the saw aligned.After I put it through its paces I will post a review along with a short or long video telling how I like it.

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Pay to Learn and Build

Over the past number of years a number of wood working web sites have grown to include pay subscriptions to learn how to do everything from building furniture, applying and choosing a finish to Designing projects. I have not joined any of these sites as yet but may in the future if there is a project I am particularly interested in building at a higher difficulty level than I am at or can not acquire the plans. Below you will find a list of some of the sites offering this service as well as a short description of what and how these sites work.  The Hand Tool School is a virtual apprenticeship that teaches how to use hand tools and to build furniture with traditional methods. I firmly believe that adding fundamental hand techniques to your skill set will make you a better woodworker. A woodworker not tied to machine capacity limits, fences, and jigs but able to saw to a line, plane a flat surface, and chisel with precision is not limited in any way.  The Wood Whisperer Guild is a modern woodworking community centered around learning, building and enjoying woodworking together. It is a place to connect with other woodworkers, receive detailed project plans/videos, and ask for help when you need it. The Guild is here to guide you on your path to high-quality craftsmanship. It’s never been easier to start! Watch the video to the right for a quick overview about how the Guild works.  We’re so glad that you will be joining us each Thursday for a new webisode of Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil.
With your subscription you will have access to the project that is current when you join. After you have subscribed, please make sure you are registered as a customer within our on-line store, your account will be coded as a subscriber and you will have available to you for purchase, the past projects on DVD.

I’m sure there are a lot more but these are three of the more popular ones.  I went so far as to pay Charles Neil a visit over in New Market VA. just off I-81. We spent a few hours just sitting and chatting after he gave me a tour of his shop and showed me some of the pieces he is working on.  I picked up a few cans of his blotch control while I was there and he told me how he developed it, while he is not a chemist he does understand and knows what is required for it to work and he did work with a chemist to get it the way it is today needless to say I’m a fan because the stuff works better than anything I have tried.

One of the pieces he showed me was a Queen Ann Secretary That he has been working on I was one of the most beautifully crafted pieces of furniture I have ever seen. Exquisite and meticulous attention to the most minuet detail  was taken with Drawer Fronts sequentially matched, Carved Flame Finials to watch how he forms the Finial there are Three parts about 8 min each here is Part 1 to get you started the rest is up to you

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Words Mean Things

"With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it." - Aristotle