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Router Table Build

We are building a badly needed router table that it is portable and has a double T-Track the full lenth of the table (4 feet) and two T-Tracks for the fence to travel front to back. I have also installed a Jessem router lift. The two draws to the left have a rased bottom with 1/2″ holes spaced through out the draw for holding the bits and the two draws on the right will hold other router tools and gauges. In the bottom three draws will be to store router bases and things of that sort.

The router table is in the last phase of building I used it to route a profile to the four draws that are finished. We still need to build the three bottom large draws and the fronts will recive the same profile as the top draws.


August 27, 2012 - Posted by | The New Shop, What projects are in progress?

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